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Spring Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts

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It’s raining season which means something exciting: spring is right around the corner! For those who can’t afford a year-round maid, spring cleaning is something we can’t ignore. Fortunately, First Western Title is here to help. That’s right, our knowledge is not limited to only title insurance, thankfully.

Here are some useful tips to guide you in your biggest cleaning project of the year.

Spring Cleaning Do’s:
Make a list or find one online to keep you organized
Open all your windows and let your home air out (it’s been a cold winter!)
Clean everything from top to bottom
Spot clean doors and walls
Kitchen cabinets will need a wipe down (use a cabinet cream to preserve the wood)
Dust shelves, decorations, and wall hangings
This is a good time for fresh coats of paint if needed
While your bedding is in the wash, vacuum down the mattress
Declutter! Throw out all those magazines, extra mail, notebooks, and random papers that have piled up over the past year that you said you would get to, but you know you won’t
If you don’t own a carpet cleaner, rent one for the day
Organize electronic cords with zip-ties or office clips and tuck neatly out of sight
Sweep and mop behind big furniture and appliances (Refrigerator, Washing/Drying Machines, Couches, Beds, etc.)
Clean all television and computer screens
Back-up family photos or other important memorabilia in case of a fire
Sort through clothes, shoes, toys, DVD’s and CD’s that you no longer need
Replace your welcome mat
Wash chair pads and bathroom mats
Put out a vase or two of pretty spring flowers to complete the project

Spring Cleaning Don’ts:
Try to do everything at once – focus on one area at a time
Skimp on or skip any of the steps – you know you won’t get to it later
Be intimidated by your list because most steps won’t take long
Buy fancy storage compartments – strive to throw unneeded things away instead of storing them
Throw away old clothes and shoes that could easily be donated or recycled
Ignore the outside of your house – rent a power washer if available
Buy all new pots or silverware when you can easily shine that ones you already have
Save the things that have no use or that you’ve saved and said you would ‘use’ for five years now
Be afraid to ask for help! This can be too big of a project to tackle alone

Need an easy list? Check out this one from Imperfect Homemaking and let us know how it went in the comments!


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